About us

Om Shanti Samajik Sanstha (OSSS), Kathmandu is running safe abortion clinics in Kathmandu Valley at Shantinagar, Kathmandu, Ekantkuna , Lalitpur and Gwarko, Lalitpur since 2062B.S. It has been working in this field since last 15 years and it is providing quality safe abortion services including family planning methods and counselling services to the people. We have government listed authorised abortion centres which provide abortion services by well-trained gynaecologists.

Om Shanti Samajik Sanstha (OSSS), Biratnagar is a non-government organization highly motivated by the pious intention of social development and reformation. OSSS is registered in Kathmandu having Reg. No. 404/062 and also affiliated with social welfare Council No. 18928. This organization has been established in order to run various activities related to health. The main objective of it is to motivate and mobilize a self-assertive community towards eliminating unemployment, poverty, illiteracy, malnutrition, social injustice, gender discrimination, women depression and environmental degradation..

The OSSS made an agreement with WVIN in the month of March 2008 to implement health activities in the seven working VDC of Morang ADP namely Lakhantari, Jhorahat, Bhaudaha, Baijanathpur,Sishbani Badahara, Dangraha and Haraicha. The activities consists of training, awareness raising and construction of the family toilets. We could complete the activities in prescribed time. To implement this activities we were supported by DPHO especially Bhanu Lingden, DDC, VDC secretary Member of CC and other people who were directly or indirectly involved in this project. We would like to express our gratitude to the people and organizations mentioned above.

We would like to thank SHP/PHC in charge students of 29 schools, community and organization for their constant support as well as for their ethical and meaningful participation.

At last, we would like to thank the staff pf World Vision Morang ADP for their support. We have seen that the activities that have been conducted with the partnership has brought positive change in lives of the community.   

Om Shanti Samajik Sanstha (OSSS), Siraha has conducted HIV awareness programs, free health check-up camps, awareness programs on sanitation and hygiene in rural areas.